Kannegieter Equine Specialists

We are based in Sydney and travel nationally and internationally to provide surgical expertise and education to the horse industry.


We are available for referral surgical procedures at our operating clinics and can operate at other hospitals upon request.  


We also assist veterinarians by offering referral consultations at our referral hospitals, non-surgical practices or on farm consultations in attendance with your veterinarian.


We also provide Expert Evidence in legal cases and we run seminars and workshops for local and international clients.


Providers of specialist equine surgery to the Australian horse industry.

Why use a Specialist Equine Surgeon?

Specialist equine surgeons have undergone many years of additional study and training above and beyond that of a regular veterinarian, usually an additional 4 to 6 years.

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Bain Fallon 2015

Both Nick and Hadley enjoyed a week of continuing education in Melbourne in July.  The week was both social and educational.

Dr Nick- The Doctor's In!!

Dr Nick is featuring weekly on Trots TV which is an internet TV program filmed and aired online by Harness Racing NSW and can be viewed at www.harnessmediacentre.com.au.

Joint problems in horses  http://www.harnessmediacentre.com.au/trotstv/tvvideos/18979 

Stable management http://www.harnessmediacentre.com.au/trotstv/tvvideos/18225

Soft palate problems http://www.harnessmediacentre.com.au/trotstv/tvvideos/17890

Tendon injuries http://www.harnessmediacentre.com.au/trotstv/tvvideos/17750