We offer referral specialist consultations on a range of case types in consultation with your primary veterinarian or as a second opinion.  Consultations are arranged by direct referral from veterinarians.

Diagnostic evaluation

We are also happy to provide specialist diagnostic evaluation at the request of veterinarians.  We offer endoscopy and radiography interpretation, ultrasound examinations, respiratory diagnostic investigation and lameness evaluations.

Veterinary Education 

Nick was involved for over ten years in teaching a post-graduate equine surgery course through the Sydney University Post-graduate Foundation.  Nick travelled frequently to Turkey and worked with the Jockey Club providing lectures and surgical training.  Hadley has lectured at the VetPrac Lameness and Nerve Block Workshops held in Wagga Wagga in 2014 and 2015.  Hadley as the EVA NSW state representative assists with coordinating local CPD to members at state meetings.